The most fantastic cat (animal series part 2)

The most fantastic cat

We had the most fantastic cat. I know you think your cat is fabulous. But really, it can’t be. Ours not only ate all but one of the rats, it sometimes brought a little tail or an ear as an offering for us. It had the most generous, giving heart.

She would wake me up on school mornings, by curling her warm body around my neck and make little purring noises in my ear. Then it did the same with my brothers and sister. A shower after that was necessary, because smelling like a street cat isn’t the best way to make friends. But cat smells aside, it was the loveliest way to start the day.

Then when we would come home, it would alternatively sit on our laps while we ate our meals or watched TV. It really enjoyed being cuddled when not hunting. It was hunting a lot though. For practice, it would sometimes sit on the top edge of the door, make a wild cat sound and pounce on any visitor that came through. Our neighbors thought our family was a bit cuckoo to be keeping this cat. She looked quite menacing with her black body and green eyes. Plus as indicated,  she pounced on them, any chance given.

Our cat kept getting fatter and fatter with each passing day. I started calling it ‘fat cat’. ( we had never really given it a name). One day fat cat wouldn’t stop meowing. She just wouldn’t. If we left it alone, it would drag her fat self towards us and nuzzle against one of our legs.She kept inviting us back to her resting spot in the store room. So finally we followed her there.

She lay down in her usual resting spot and kept looking our way to make sure we weren’t going to leave her alone. Then feeling safe and loved, fat cat gave birth to two adorable kittens.

She was the most fabulous cat that ever lived.

( The good part of the story ends here, the sad part continues. Stop here if you like happy endings, continue if you don’t mind a little bit of reality)


Once the kittens were born, she let us hold them immediately – placenta and all. As they grew to be a little older, she went in full training mode and started to teach them hunt. One of the kittens died quite suddenly one evening. The cat was inconsolable. We thought we would bury the kitten for her, to take the pain away.

She cried for days, looking for her dead kitten. Finally our gardener suggested that we dig up the dead kitten and let the cat say goodbye to her in her own cat way.

So we unburied it. The cat sat with her for the longest time. Then using her mouth, the cat picked her dead kitten up by its neck and left.

She never came back.

Her other baby kitten, less than a month old, was left behind to take care of us.


2 thoughts on “The most fantastic cat (animal series part 2)

  1. Great reminiscence – brought a much needed smile to my face. And while your cat may have been fantastic, so are ours, in their individual ways. We have 4 cats (and several more that are no longer with us). All had/have highly individual personalities – as distinctly different as any human I’ve known (and more pleasing to be around).

    One of them, Pig, is near death as I write this – not suffering in pain, but wasting away due to obstructions in/around her gut. The vets say it is inoperable and terminal. She still acts much as she always did albeit with little energy. And with only limited appetite, she is wasting away before our eyes – a sad and emotionally painful thing to watch for a cat who normally loves food. We try and tempt her with the tastiest food we can think of – those outrageously expensive “appetizer” cat foods, baby food, human food (steak is a favorite of hers), milk, cream, mayonaisse etc. But to little avail – even though her nose perks up at food, all she can do is lick up a bit of gravy as she soon gets nauseous.

    Nevertheless, Pig bravely gets up and visits her old haunts, but the visits are shorter and shorter each passing day. And her visits with us are short too – she now spends her days in her favorite quiet spots under our beds or a quiet spot outside when the weather is right for her gaunt body.

    However, it was mournfully sad when one of the other cats brought in a mouse last night and see she her only watch – even a few weeks ago she’d be down in a flash to see if she could join in the fun.

    She only has days, perhaps a week or so left with us and she will be greatly missed. 15 years is too short to have had the pleasure of her company and share our lives together…

    • Thank you for sharing Pig with me. I wish I had known her, she seems quite amazing too. She is lucky to have had a family like yours! I don’t have a pet at the moment and seriously considering getting a cat.. I am just afraid that it won’t be the same as last time…

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