The prisoner and the rat

A man in prison tries to befriend a little rat by sharing his meals. The rat is hesitant at first but slowly, seeing no sign of danger, decides that the guy is safe. They spend many months in each other’s company, until no mistrust remains.

Then the prisoner is moved, and another takes his place. Just as the meal is being served, the rat appears to nibble on his share. The new prisoner picks up the trusting rat by the tail and smashes its head against the wall.

I have often thought of this story when I am in a mood to be kind. It sucks out all desire I may have to be compassionate. You never know where it may lead.


3 thoughts on “The prisoner and the rat

  1. It pays to be compassionate. Just that you need to take some time out and observe and figure out whether the person you are trying to be compassionate to really deserves it.

  2. Thanks, I do agree. I just don’t know if I am really helping people with a little money, or food.. unless I am willing to take complete responsibility for there future money and food needs as well… ( I am in India on vacation, and if I help out the way I feel like at this moment, I wonder what will happen when I leave)

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