Is sharing still caring?

I have always maintained that sharing is caring. But that was before I had 335 friends.

Like most people, my Facebook page includes members of my scattered family, close friends from school, college and work life. It also includes some not so close friends, ex-colleagues, and several great people I have met on long distance flights. I am glad to know all of you, but in the normal world – I would share a LOT with some, little in varying degrees with the rest, and some quite personal stuff only on a flight ( I was never supposed to see you again remember?;). This is not for my own sake, but also out of of consideration for your time and interest in my life.

I fear that routinely linking to my blog with details on personal accomplishments and childhood memories could be considered over-sharing in some ways. Despite that reservation, I find this to be the best way to reach out to my inner FB circle. I also do not want to delete anyone from my outer circle, where I feel I might be imposing. There is a reason we added each other. The other thing is this. I am not used to being the same person with everyone. This blogging thing is taking many layers off me – until only one remains.

One type of me can only handle one type of you. So to be practical, I am also doing away with labels I have given you. Instead ( if it’s alright..) I will assume that all 335 are my close friends, to whom I can keep writing. I may not always be interesting or informative, but I do intend in every way to be honest and thoughtful.

I hope that you will accept this offer of friendship.. seeing that we are already friends on Facebook:)


3 thoughts on “Is sharing still caring?

  1. In the middle of reading this i assumed that you were going to do something where i wont be able to read more of this. But i guess at the end if am on FB i can read it right?
    I cant say about others but i really look forward to it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. D
    You rock- thanks for sharing and I would have hoped you would have shared this with me anyway, had time allowed 🙂
    All the best!

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