The animal series part 4 – Quack!

The duck that was different

Between home and work, there is a river. In winter, the river is semi freezing and the weather is dark and cold. The ducks in the river would huddle together in the water, under the bridge. I would huddle together with my friend over the bridge and make quacking sounds. The ducks would quack back. The cold makes you do crazy things.

Then one day we decided quacking wasn’t enough. We would feed the ducks. So we stood over the bridge as usual and started to throw some bread crumbs in the water. The ducks were in a frenzy. It was like they hadn’t had a meal in ages. There were suddenly hundreds of them quacking and jumping on top of each other to bite on one tiny morsel of old bread.

So we bought more bread, and fed more ducks. The frenzy continued. One day, one duck decided enough was enough. While the others fought over the crumbs in the water, this smart beautiful creature just flew to the top of the bridge and perched herself inches away from us.

I slowly extended my hand with half a bread slice towards her. She slowly extended her beak towards me. The she snatched the bread. The ducks in the water didn’t so much as glance at this private exchange. If they did, none of them decided to follow suit, even though it would have meant more to eat.

I want to be the duck that dared to fly to the top of the bridge.


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