Sad Norwegian movies

I thought I’d do my little bit to put some really original and heartfelt Norwegian movies on the world map. I love the ones listed below. They speak in a language that’s completely different from Hollywood, and totally real.  Hope you like.

My top 3


Hawaii Oslo

And I will throw in a Danish movie which I also liked a lot, just for fun!

Efter brylluppet

Now what should I watch next?


2 thoughts on “Sad Norwegian movies

  1. For sadness, the “sequel” to Hawaii takes it to a new level:

    There are a few other Danish movies, like Italian for beginners (warning, this is a happy movie):

    The kingdom is a classic, but a bit spooky. Maybe not something to see on your own, but the DVD is in your living room 🙂

    Finally, there are some good Swedish movies. Apart from the classics you also have movies like:
    Fucking Åmål
    Jalla jalla

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