The animal series part 6 – Dogs are people too

Sego Chan was a beautiful little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. My Japanese colleague let me take care of her for one Oslo summer. She was hesitant at first, but soon came to trust me. I let her sleep on the bed, eat whenever she wanted, took her for walks and treated her like a princess. When I would come home, she would wag her tail and nuzzle.

This was settling.

Then my friend and his wife came back to pick her up. Sego Chan literally flew off her chair to the door. She didn’t just wag her tail this time, she wagged with her whole body. She whimpered and licked and hugged them like nothing I’d ever experienced.

This was love.

When it’s love, it’s love
There isn’t anything like it
You can try to get by
You can tell yourself you won’t die
Sometimes you can even smile
But only for a little while..

Sego Chan travelled back to Japan with her family after that summer. Good for her:)


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