Reincarnation revisited

Okay, so I am coming around to the concept of reincarnation. Ever since the meditation camp, I have been reading Buddhist philosophy like my life depends on it. I still don’t quite get, get it. But while reading something completely different and analytical, I started to believe.

Up until now, my understanding was:

Buddhism forces us to be completely individualistic. The only person who can offer salvation to me, is me and no one else. Also that it’s no one else’s business on how I choose to live. I never had a problem until this point (who would?:)

But then the philosophy continues to say that when we die, and the state we die in has consequences to who we are born as in our next life. This as you know really bugged me. It just never made any sense that if I died happy, it would result in some future version of me being born happy too.

This is my personal aha moment šŸ™‚

If on a macro level, all of humanity learns to live happily and die peacefully, the chances are that the next generation ( reincarnated as a whole) will be born in a world that is better, more peaceful and less evil than the previous one.


So while the Buddhist philosophy appeared individualistic to me, it is anything but that. It just felt so because it relies on all of us to do our part individually.

ps: this is just how I see it ( today), and is not meant as a way to force anyone else to believe, or see the world as I do. I just enjoy talking out loud.


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