Tagging 8 years

Snow. cold. ice. clumsy. lost. cold, ice. hungry.

Opera. Internet. browser. browser. browser. lunch. (soup is lunch?).

Uncle Donalds. shy. no alcohol. okay some alcohol.

friends. boy friends. best friend. summer. sun.

lonely. homesick. heartbreak. whatever.

parties. dancing. forgetting. forgiving.

Someone special. brothers. family evenings. Sing star. board games.

Buying home. buying car. Buying time. buyer’s paradise.

Travel. more travel. work travel. pleasure travel.

Korea, Spain. Taiwan. USA. Dubai. Ukraine. Italy. England. Europe

Swimming. Liger. Grand Canyon. Rafting. Vegas.

Widgets. widgets. widgets.

frustrated. tired. misunderstood. midgets!

School. Texas. Cape Town. Paris. Paris. Paris. Paris.

Sharks. Real Sharks.

Job. no job.

Madrid. No Madrid..

Meditation. silence. peace. happiness

Painting. running. writing. cooking. living.

Oslo. India.. India?…. Oslo!

……………………Browser. browser browser.


One thought on “Tagging 8 years

  1. …so the circle is complete…. ie why they say duniya gol hai …and every one is just roaming in circle not reaching any where…. because there is no straight line….and no where to go…. only to come back to ourselves again and again……

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