Eating tadpoles

We were 8 children in the house. We would try to catch/eat the little tadpoles from the dirty water sometimes. The oldest of us could swipe the slimy creatures out of the water in one shot, open his mouth wide and swallow it hole.

The rest of were not so brave. I think I managed it once.

I wonder if kids still do that.
I wonder if I still could
If we were 8 all together again
For old times sake,
I think we really should!

Have fun in Dun.. Vidisha, Sandeep, Sagar and Parul..

Missing you..Eat the tadpoles 😉


2 thoughts on “Eating tadpoles

  1. If there were 8 of us, I must be have been there too.. or was this before I was able to walk/talk? Maybe my memory has conveniently wiped out these moments :-p

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