Easy cabs of New Delhi

It’s not just that the Delhi airport has turned awesome, it’s finally possible to get around in Delhi. I am terribly excited about these new conveniences, and thought I’d share what I learnt:

The driver pays 1000 Rs ( 150 NOK) to the Easy Cab management every day. In exchange he gets a car and bookings through the online booking system. The driver must pay for his own gas, for small repairs to the car and the toll on toll roads.

Normally a working day extends to 16 hours or 100 to 150 KM per day. The driver cannot charge more than 20 Rs per KM, where gas costs are approximately 3 Rs per KM. Thus the total gross earnings are between 1600 Rs to 3200 Rs, depending on his speed and efficiency or net earnings between 300 Rs to 1000 Rs per day.

The trouble is that the driver must pay the 1000 Rs to Easy Cab on Sundays, on days he takes off or in case he is sick. This can bring a driver’s net earning down from a decent 15 to 30K month to much lower, even make it go negative.

To offset this, drivers tend to stay on the road for as long as 20 hours on good days and share the cab with unregistered drivers illegally on bad days. Driving to the airport costs them 80 Rs extra each time…I could go on.

More power to them. ( and hopefully someone will start an insurance scheme for the off days….)

Dial 43434343 🙂


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