For the love of Oslo – Part 0.2 of 1.

(Preemptively and profusely apologize for the all the superlatives used in the following articles but..) I cannot simply leave without letting you know how much I will miss this city.

If you are ever here, you must go to ‘Mat og Mer’ in Sagene and admire their most attractive servers and chef. The burgers ( which they serve only until 1600) are the best you will ever have. It also has music that can make anyone fall in love. Perfect to go on dates:).

After a nice meal, you can walk down the beautiful Akerselva river until you reach the little ‘Godt Brød’ cafe in Nydalen for dessert. This cafe serves brownies with white chocolate. Disregarding any weight issues, do have one of those brownies. In addition, you must remember to pack one and take it home as well. You will wake up in the middle of the night wanting another bite of the little piece of heaven, and then as you have packed one, it will be alright.

If instead you are in the mood for something French, instead of going down, simply walk up the river instead. You will discover this tiny little shop that serves french crepes next to the Birkulunden church. It can only seat 4 people, but it is just so pretty and so French, its impossible not to love it. It smells good too.

I also want to tell you about some lovely Italian places, a hidden Mexican gem, a fantastic Tapas place and the best Indian food you’ll ever taste before I leave … just assure me that you will keep giving them your business, so nothing ever changes?


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