The rats won’t leave me alone.

I swear, it’s been following me around forever. It was there, living under the seat of my parent’s sofa – with its three little baby rats. You could hear them squeak under you. It was in the winter clothes trunk eating up all my winter sweaters, including the blue school sweater which I loved. It ate the money out of my mother’s money box.

It was even in school, in 9th grade, in tiny cages in the biology lab.

My parents got one too. It grew humongous and ate bread under the table during dinner. Even the cat loved it.

Then I moved to Oslo, and WHAT absolute relief there was, when I leart there were no rats in Oslo.
What a fabulous feeling it is to live in a country with no rats! But suddenly, people started to make movies about them. Stuart Little. Rattatouille. Narnia. Douglas Adams was perhaps right about rats ruling the world.

Yesterday I saw one look at me outside my London flat. This little brown thing squeaked, it saw me, and then scurried under the car otside my apartment.I shivered,my hair stood up on my head and I gave myself a little shake

Maybe the rats aren’t going away.
Maybe they will always stay
But I will get over them, really I will.
And that will be one beautiful day.


One thought on “The rats won’t leave me alone.

  1. What? No rats in Oslo? It’s said that there are at least as many rats as people here… But I’ve only seen one in over 6 years, so I guess we’re lucky. 🙂

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